Diril Cymbals Jacksonville Florida

Clark’s Music Center is THE place to experience and purchase DIRIL brand cymbals. Made with all B-20 metal, the “DIRIL Cymbals” company was established in 2008 by Ibrahim Diril offering affordable, competitive and high quality hand-made cymbals from Turkey.

Stop in to listen to them in person and experience them for yourself.


One of the most recent series added, Ice is a sort of natural evolution of the Primitive series. Cymbals full of dark and complex sound, with shiny edge and bell for more aggressive attack and presence. The lower raw side puts an extra-dry effect, making the sound darker and more controlled. Cymbals with a strong personality, designed for drummers looking for a high-impact but controlled and versatile sound.

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Raw Bell series is one of the most recognizable lines in Diril catalogue. The unique appearance features a raw hammered bell, designed for control and definition, and a high-gloss finish, for an explosive sound. A series with a spectacular controlled sound, medium sustain and warm tone, perfect in every situation, from pop to rock, from blues to latin.

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One of the most appreciated series, Shiny is well-known for the brilliant and powerful sound as well as the attractive design. The shiny finish, totally handmade, improve attack and power, making these cymbals perfect choice for rock, punk and metal. High full-bodied timbre and good decay are the characteristics of this exceptional series.

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The Special line consists of the body Raw and the edge of the Traditional series. With this combination it presents a controlled sound high definition, sustain medium to dark shade. The Special Serie features diversity for musical styles composed of a heavier sound with little shine and a lot of joint. It is a dark, crispy but still bright sound.

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The Sweet dishes have a deep pounding on the body Traditional which favors the control dynamics and sustain. The line has an average thickness of excellent projection and volume.

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Traditional Series Versatility is the key word for this series of cymbals, created by the best craftsmen of the Black Sea. Cymbals with dark tone, extraordinary stick definition and a beautiful warm sound at any dynamic. An outstanding series at all levels, the quintessence of the modern Turkish production.

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